(A Song of Ice and Fire) Episode 31 – Further Coverage of the Upcoming HBO Series, “A Song of Ice and Fire”


Holy crap! An on-time release!

In tonight’s episode, beginning with Page 117 of A Song of Ice and Fire (Page 202 in the paperback), we question whether this is a fic. Can we call it a fic? More to the point, can we stop calling it a fic? I doubt it, but we report and you decide. PS is on quaaludes, can’t tell time or do maths, and issues a PSA. I’m getting excited already! Richard refuses to watch A Very Potter Musical despite it having an awesome rendition of its favorite characters. Sounds on-topic! Lady or Nymeria? Grey Wind or Ghost? Shaggydog or Summer? Jen2 is on vicodin because she was masquerading as Jen Classic and contributes greatly to the conversation, which is great all on its own, because Jen2 and PS are both under the influence. Come to think of it, PS was under the influence last week, so we’re not quite sure if it’s two distinct incidents or one really long hangover.

Changing the subject, where would PS and Jen2 want to be sold into marriage? Is PS squicked out by old-people!sex? Thank you for asking. Yes. Yes, she is. She didn’t think they had it, perhaps. Just like she didn’t think there were farms. That crazy PS. Meanwhile, Dethryl discusses the physics of planetary movement and rotation. No, that’s not a euphemism. We’ve been meaning to talk about it for thirty episodes. Luckily, he remembered. Please, Don’t Wake the Dragon (TM). Theon Greyjoy is a date rapist, just like Ron Weasley, and Jen2 and PS drool over the men of Westeros and Khal Drogo.

We have only a couple of things to mention about the HBO series. It’ll take no time at all, but who the hell is Ros? It’s Starbuck-is-a-girl all over again!

The Maniacs Responsible For This Production: Dethryl, Jen2, Richard, (Sort of Out There) PS, Aaron

Special Guests: Resident mascot Aaron’s keyboard (whose name will be revealed in episode 36!), Richard’s M&M’s
Runtime: 1’38’37
Editor: Dethryl

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