(Babylon 5) Episode 32 – There’s an Episode Coming Up…


Episode 32 of the Poufwa Exchange has been released!

Tonight, Poufwa’s coverage of Babylon 5’s second season resumes, with discussion of episodes GROPOS through and including In the Shadow of Z’ha’dum!

Interstellar war threatens the promise of Babylon 5 and anything not bolted down begins its trek towards the fan. These episodes deepen the arcs begun in Season 1’s Signs and Portents, as covered in Poufwa Exchange 26, and if you’ve been scratching your head and hoping for answers, the last episode of the set is one not to miss!

In this episode, we belatedly celebrate the anniversary of the launch of the second half of PS’ H/G-filled life, listen to her whine when given constructive criticism from her beta reader, remind you that much of this description was written by her beta reader, stop the presses to do a quick class on how to convert word documents to HTML, and we tell a boat story! It involves Melindaleo’s boat, a sandbar, the tow service, and did I mention Jen Classic was onboard? I mock PS’ lack of Mac-intosh…System…knowledge, Dethryl plays the Poufwa drinking game and gets alcohol poisoning, and we show our work from the homework assignment of Sheridan versus Sinclair!

The Wackjobs Responsible For This Production: Ryan, Dethryl, Incognito23, PS, Aaron, and Aaron’s keyboard

Runtime: 2’17’39
Editor: Dethryl

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