(A Song Of Ice And Fire) Episode 35 – Dethryl and the need to Re-Read HP Canon


Episode 35 of the Poufwa Exchange has been released!

In tonight’s podcast:

* Poufwa resumes discussion of A Song of Ice and Fire and does that thing where you’re driving an RV and excuse yourself to get a steaming cup of coffee and perhaps a donut from the back and then realize you were in charge of steering the damn thing and the cruise control is on and even though death is imminent you still find a place to carefully set down the coffee because you don’t want it to splash or anything, and all of a sudden this is a World of WarCraft podcast where PS is holding the WoW manual upside down and squinting and Jen2 looks half her age and is doing a Moaning Myrtle impression talking about killing and death while still forgetting to record the last The Walking Dead podcast with me…

* and something about a Stallion Mounting the World and hot pie.

This episode delves into the characters of Dany, Sansa, and Eddard. Because it’s fun and chapter-by-chapter got locked in the trunk.

The Maniacs Responsible For This Production: Dethryl, PS, Jen2, Aaron

Runtime: 1’56’10
Editor: Dethryl

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