(Heroes) Episode 1 – Genesis


For the past eighteen months, the PotterFicWeekly community has been a notable exception within the Harry Potter fandom. We get along well and genuinely enjoy each other’s company. Please take a moment to process this information and compose yourselves.

After releasing hundreds and hundreds of hours of fan fiction analysis about a single fandom and the same core set of characters reliving similar circumstances, I understand that we will at one point say all there is to say. Fortunately, our community has a few other topics to touch on before turning out the lights. The Poufwa Exchange represents an opportunity to explore dozens of new genres. Hardcore members and newcomers alike can exchange their favorite TV shows, movies, books, and fan fiction. We’ll watch together and record commentaries, or will debate and discuss with the professionalism you’ve come to expect. This is our podcast, but it’s also yours. Listen along, but be sure to participate. As much as we want to relive our favorites, we want to try new things.

Tonight, we have recorded a commentary for the pilot episode of Heroes, and welcome Richard of Poufwa fame to the show. We believe he’s caught an episode or two.

Happy listening, and if you’d like to participate, visit our forum!