(Torchwood) Episode 41 – Jack Harkness: Having Fun Since 1901


Episode 41 of the Poufwa Exchange has been released!

Our runner-up title was Innocent Shoes and I Meant Sperm Just There, just in case you had to know.

Tonight, or should I say this morning – Jen Classic and I return to discuss Torchwood: Miracle Day’s third episode, Dead of Night! This episode contains spoilers for previous seasons of Torchwood and up through the Season 6.0 finale of Doctor Who: A Good Man Goes To War.

Torchwood goes on the run and finds a new enemy, but as they launch a raid on PhiCorp headquarters, Jack must confront the mysterious Oswald Danes.

Next week, Jen Classic is going on vacation to Yellowstone. I am not kidding! We’ll catch up on the next two episodes in two weeks!

Happy listening! It’s a good one!

The Maniacs Responsible For This Production: Ryan, Jen Classic

Runtime: 42’25

Editor: Ryan

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