(Babylon 5) Episode 45 – Purple Kosh…Purple Kosh!


Episode 45 of the Poufwa Exchange has been released!

After much delay, we return to Babylon 5 space, capping off discussion of its third season with analysis of the episodes Walkabout through the literal cliffhanger Z’ha’dum!

It’s a great podcast. I even bring the wife!

This episode contains discussion of that Bucket woman, the shipping of PS and Aaron without a side of Robert from SpellCast, the shipping of Danielle and Marcus without a side of Ryan, new perspectives on fanny packs, the mystery something in Deth’s dog’s mouth that frightens him but thrills Mrs. Deth, my hat rack, the PS-GPS, and the giant mattress at the bottom of the hole.

Poufwa Exchange will return to Babylon 5 in a few weeks with discussion of Season 4 – all in one sitting! We will undoubtedly fail, but all of Season 4 will be up for grabs the next time we return.

For those planning ahead, we’ll return in a few days with a dual-length episode mainly covering Doctor Who and Torchwood. It will contain a historical conversion (i.e. Ryan is the slowest editor on planet Earth…) with my real-time thoughts watching Doctor Who Season 5 and Torchwood Season 2 for the first time. We’ll then jump ahead to our recent thoughts on Season 6.0 of Doctor Who and our theories of what will happen in next week’s Season 6.5 premiere.

If I haven’t coaxed enough Doctor Who fans to tune in, allow me to appeal to your inner-Poufwanian: I hack into Jen’s computer and you won’t believe what I find on her desktop!

You can also expect in the weeks ahead next-day podcast analysis of newly aired Torchwood and Doctor Who episodes along with historical discussion of older episodes of Doctor Who. We’re also ready to hit the release button on a two-part series on Firefly, a series on The Hunger Games, and our return to A Song of Ice and Fire.

Keep listening!

The Maniacs Responsible for this Production Ryan, Dethryl, PS, Aaron, Danielle
Runtime: 2’05’11

Editor: Ryan

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