(Doctor Who, Torchwood) Episode 46 – Jen’s in a pickle, PS hates looms, and a Poufwa Double Date


Episode 46 of the Poufwa Exchange has been released!

Tonight, Poufwa offers a dual-length episode nine months in the making!

Back in January, when I was watching Torchwood’s second season for the first time and eager to talk about it, we recorded a discussion that morphed from Torchwood to Firefly to Doctor Who’s recently completed fifth season and our predictions for its sixth. It’s a great lost episode where we can revisit past impressions, seeing who guessed what and discover forgotten theories that may still come true! The point of the Poufwa Exchange is to live the experience again vicariously through someone else, but this is a fun chance to revisit it ourselves!

My, how deep of me.

This first section contains spoilers for all episodes through Torchwood Season 2’s Adam and Doctor Who’s fifth season finale, The Big Bang, or at least that’s the case after heavy editing. Jen otherwise couldn’t help herself.

Around the 2 hour 30 minute mark, we offer our second podcast of the evening, a recently recorded Poufwa double-date! Jen and I bring James and Danielle along for a carefully planned, itinerary-powered, 25-part discussion of Doctor Who Season 6.0 and our predictions for Season 6.5, debuting tomorrow night! It would have made Robert from SpellCast proud if we actually pulled it off. Alas, Poufwa.

In case I haven’t grabbed you sufficiently yet, this episode also includes my remotely accessing Jen’s computer in search of her smut collection!

Poufwa will be back early next week, hurricane depending, to discuss the season premiere of Doctor Who and the next two episodes of Torchwood. Later in the week, we debut our third season, with coverage of Firefly!

Happy listening!

The Maniacs Responsible for this Production Ryan, Jen, PS, LadyChi, James, Danielle, Lee
Runtime: 4’42’31

Editor: Ryan

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