(Firefly) Episode 47 – So these eight Browncoats walk in to an Alliance-friendly bar on Unification Day…


Episode 47 of the Poufwa Exchange, our third season premiere, has been released! Please share in my shock that Episode 47 has nothing to do with Star Trek!

Welcome to the new and improved Poufwa Exchange. Tonight we kick off season three by finally discussing Firefly, something we’ve promised to do since season one. We have restructured the format of the podcast, moving to a more de-centralized model, and upcoming episodes will feature different groups led by the regular hosts with guest appearances from interested Poufwanians. Go to Potterficforum.com to sign up!

Tonight, Dethryl is in the driver’s seat with PS as the navigator. PFW hosts Scarlett, Scott, and Kat are backseat driving. Rosie and Bob are in the trunk and may be snogging. Kathryn joins us late and has to ride on the roof. We wind up all over the map in true Poufwanian tradition. Dethryl is attacked on-air by an excitable puppy, and the Daleks are invading all over the place. Kat tells us about being the Captain of her Muggle ground Quidditch team, and we instantly jump to Naked Quidditch Match. Dethryl is required to monologue and instantly forgives Ryan for everything. The hosts attempt to speak Chinese and to sing — not at the same time, thankfully. Kat has a thing-thing for Mark Sheppard, PS knows all them book-book words, and Dethryl loves everything.

Startling revelations:
* Jayne Cobb is more bad-ass than Ron Weasley in a goofy hat.
* Simon is a criminal mastermind thanks to the power of hair gel.
* Vera is sensitive to romantic vibes.
* Physics is somewhat accurate.

Coming Soon in Season Three (This Does Not Constitute A Promise Or Obligation):

* Doctor Who
* Castle
* The 4400
* Monty Python
* Cowboy Bebop
* Torchwood

Happy listening!

The Maniacs Responsible for this Production Dethryl, PS, Kat, Bob, Rosie, Scarlett, Kathryn, Scott, Rusty the Red Mini Poodle, Daleks
Runtime: 1’47’06

Editor: Dethryl

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