(ASOIAF-DWD) Episode 53 – Jen2 Monologues For Two Hours


Episode 53 of the Poufwa Exchange has been released!

Tonight, Dethryl and Jen2 sit down for a follow-up to ASOIAF book five, A Dance With Dragons. We spoil absolutely everything, so consider yourself notified. Jen2 cackles with glee when she discovers that tonight is all for her, and she does her best Ryan impersonation for the next two hours. Deth is on Vitamin B overdose, and we get a Moment In Science. Valid points and cheap laughs are in equal proportions.

Startling revelations:

* Ryan and Danielle are now responsible for another life. Mazel tov!
* Daario’s magic penis and electric horse will save the day.
* The secret identity of Coldhands!
* Jen2 is a mysogynistic bastard.

Coming Soon in Season Three (This Does Not Constitute A Promise Or Obligation):
* Doctor Who
* Castle
* The 4400
* Monty Python
* Cowboy Bebop

The Maniacs Responsible for this Production Dethryl and Jen2
Runtime: 1’42″06

Editor: Dethryl

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