(B5) Episode 54 – Kathryn is Not a Spooner, Musical Chairs, and the Hatred For Season Five


Episode 54 of the Poufwa Exchange has been released! Merry Christmas!

Tonight, Dethryl and Ryan sit down with Marcus Cole’s biggest fangirl to discuss the absolute awesomeness that is season four, in its entirety. PS hated the show and has stopped watching, but that doesn’t stop her from wanting to know how it ends. We make her stick around and get the gradual revelation in a very Poufwanian fashion. Who knows what she thinks happened? Could be anything. The whole point is to tempt her into watching season five, which Dethryl predicts will make her start squeezing. Who’da’thunk?

We haven’t recorded in awhile and don’t remember how to start the call. Not having chatted for several months, we take a few minutes to discuss Where Are They Now? Ryan named his cat after Chuck. Dethryl is planning Castle and yet more Firefly. We discuss the Hunger Games movie trailer and that long-rumoured Poufwa Exchange episode on the series.

Startling revelations:

* Season 5 of B5 is awful, and we will tell you why and how it affected season 4.
* Dethryl stands up for Harmonians everywhere. Those who think he’s delusional can get stuffed. His words, not mine!

The Maniacs Responsible for this Production Ryan, Dethryl, Danielle, and PS
Runtime: 2’33’45

Editor: Dethryl

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