Special Edition 2 – Happy Birthday Poufwa; Here’s The Longest Recording We’ve Ever Done


Special Edition 2 of the Poufwa Exchange has been released! This episode is being simulcast on the PotterFicWeekly feed.

Tonight, PFW and PE collide to discuss what makes bad fanfiction. This is not to single out anyone’s OTP and call it bad, but rather to discuss what makes bad!fic of that pairing. We actually stay away from specific pairings for the most part and focus on themes and cliches. Total recording time for this session was 5 hours and 45 minutes.

Dethryl does the introduction without the critical “And”, yet we somehow survive. PS is broadcasting from inside a tea kettle. Rena’s siblings try to get on the call. Kat does something else that’s funny. Deth and Kat are drinking wine while PS is medicated. Rena’s the sober one and scared of these crazy people on the line with her. She runs away about halfway through.

* Non-canon nicknames like Mione, Siri, Sevy, Lucky, and so on, as well as the stupidity of “Harry” being a nickname.
* Ron being Ron.
* Peter is always evil.
* AU do’s and don’ts.
* Next-Gen is seldom more than a clone of our heroes and villains.
* Fanfiction of fanfiction.
* Slash warnings and Het warnings. Explosions, chases, and action warnings.
* Mary Sues.
* Dragging external stuff into HP when it blatantly contradicts canon.
* Martial arts.
* Shopping.
* Localized speech patterns and Briticisms.
* Unhealthy fascination with Muggle stuff.
* Snape and house points.
* Houses other than Slytherin are also evil.
* Harry adoption.
* Crossovers.
* Cassie Claire.

Startling Revelations:
* Kat has kids.
* Dethryl has written a fic called They Shook Hands.
* PS likes slash.

Maniacs: Dethryl, Kat, PS, and Rena
Runtime: 4’58’29

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