(The Hunger Games) Episode 56 – Hunger Games: Retro Edition


Episode 56 of the Poufwa Exchange has been released!

Some people let wine age for years before they drink it. That’s the best description of my editing style I can think of at the moment! A batch of Poufwa podcasts were left to “age” over the past few months and the upside of that is not even the hosts remember what they said or thought, and that is the case with this retro-recording of The Hunger Games following our first reading of the series!

It’s back in the saddle again, and it’s nothing like riding a bike. I absolutely forget how to record a podcast. Melinda checks in from Apollo 11, Rinna’s rolling on the floor, Sue is administering first aid, and we’re just assuming PS is drunk. This podcast covers our initial thoughts on the universe of Panem and contains spoilers for all of the books, so be warned. Casting had already begun at the time of this recording, so it’s great to look back at our hopes for the first movie now that we’ve all had a chance to see it.

We hope to have an in-depth review of the film out over the next few days. A laid back discussion of our current obsessions is ready for release, and episodes on Gilmore Girls and Downton Abbey should be out soon. And if I have to put Jen2 in a headlock, expect something on The Walking Dead.

The Maniacs Responsible for this Production Ryan, PS, Melinda, Rinna, Sue
Runtime: 2’11’00

Editor: Ryan

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