Episode 58 – Unplanned, Unscripted, and Unbelievable


Episode 58 of the Poufwa Exchange has been released!

After talking Castle for two and a half hours, the hosts weren’t tired at all, so they stayed up and chatted some more. It seemed a shame to let such fun conversation go to waste, so here we present sort of a survey of what’s going on and upcoming. We talk a bit about bad!fic, share some good!fic recs, comment on our time in the fandom, dabble in Stargate, discuss crossovers, and then sorta go off the rails as we get more and more tired. I’m sure you’re familiar with the routine by now.
Startling revelations:

* Kat doesn’t ship.
* Rodney is awesome.
* Crack is good for the soul.

The Maniacs Responsible for this Production Dethryl, Kat, Scott, and Bob
Runtime: 2’02’36

Editor: Dethryl

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