(Battlestar Galactica / Doctor Who) Episode 19 – BattleStar, Doctor Who, and Boobs: Gaul Style


Episode 19 of the Poufwa Exchange has been released!

This episode comes to you in three parts.  The first bit was never meant to be a podcast, but was great conversation that couldn’t be left on the cutting room floor.  While waiting to start Poufwa 98, PS, Mike and I found ourselves with some downtime waiting for Jen2 to get her microphone working. PS and I shot the geek over her BSG experience while Mike hummed to himself in the corner. This portion of our podcast is an extreme edition, and provides active spoilers for through to the middle of BSG Season 2.5, with passive spoilers and hints through to Season 3 of BSG. This portion starts the podcast and runs through the 33’50 mark.

The second portion of our podcast is actually our first true Exchange of the season. PS has now started the third season of BSG, I’ve wrapped Season 2 of the new Doctor Who, and we sit down to geek on the other’s favorite series. This portion of the podcast provides active spoilers for BSG through the Season 3 episode “Exodus, Part 1″ and for the first two seasons of Doctor Who, with passive spoilers and hints for the third seasons of both series. This portion of the podcast starts at the 33’50 mark and runs through 1’53’41.

The last portion of our podcast is a commentary of the BSG Season 2 finale, Lay Down Your Burdens, Part 2, where I am joined with Poufwanians “MD” Matt and Richard to discuss how this episode was the true turning point of the series.  This episode contains active spoilers for all broadcast episodes of BattleStar Galactica. Beware!  This portion of the podcast starts at 1’53’41 and runs through the end of the episode.

Spoiler reminders will sound throughout the episode.  Enjoy the discussion, and happy listening!

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