(Caprica) Episode 21 – It’s Harry and the ducks all over again…


Episode 21 of the Poufwa Exchange has been released!

This episode spoils all of BattleStar Galactica!  Beware!

Dethryl, PS and I kick back and, in addition to nitpicking what type of music the fleet makes when it drives on past and laying out predictions on the identity of Emmanuelle, share our discussion-based, extreme-edition commentary of Caprica’s ninth or eighth episode, Ghosts in the Machine.

Daniel is beginning to suspect that Zoe-Avatar is in the robot, but his pleas for his daughter to reveal herself go ignored. In an effort to flush her out, he launches a campaign of psychological torture, resulting in escalating tests that force Zoe into a choice she cannot take back.

This discussion was recorded while we were watching the encore presentation of the podcast.  We are Poufwanians, and may the gods help you and the crazy nun, for we are live!

So say we all!

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