(Starship Troopers) Episode 63 – Nudity, Those Damn Kids, and Giant Bugs

Tonight’s podcast was conceived on about 36 hours notice. Welcome to the long lost age of models and props as we dissect this cheesy 80’s movie from 1997. It’s not an action movie, or a war movie, or even a sci-fi movie. This is a character movie with some of those elements thrown in for flavor. Brace yourself as we discuss politics, citizenship, service, fascism, propaganda, AT&T, war, honor, sacrifice, leadership, and many other deep things. There’s lots of laughs in this one, folks.
Dethryl and Kathryn are getting married soon. Two weeks and counting. He’s ready to kill the reception venue. We’re not sure how one can kill a venue, but we’ll look into it. Kat is making travel arrangements to attend the wedding. Toward the end, the recording got slightly out of sync, and Deth appears like he’s a couple of seconds in the future. He’s not twitchy enough that he’s breaking the sound barrier, it’s just a software issue. He gets real twitchy next episode, but we switched recording programs, so hopefully there won’t be any issues.
Remember that horrible football call last season? We’re still discussing it. Kat educates us on literature. Kathryn has some very epic one-liners. There are cancer-free nuclear weapons, public service announcements, and more in this fun and exciting episode.

Resident Maniacs: Deth, Kat, Kathryn
Time: 2:34:18
Editor: Deth

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