(Stargate) Episode 64: Planting Seeds, Bottle Shows, and Evil Cliffhangers

It’s three days before Dethryl and Kathryn’s wedding. He needed to podcast just for a distraction. Lucky for him, Poufwa is good at distractions. Kat is busy making travel plans. Bob is getting ready to ship out and join the National Guard. Here’s one last huzzah before EVERYTHING changes.
Stargate! New viewers sometimes complain that the first season is very episodic. Deth and Kat call you spoiled and whiny. You can’t just jump into big plot arcs without getting to know the characters and the world they live in. Otherwise why would we care? Season 1 is all about planting the seeds of further plot development. They will begin to sprout in season 2 as upcoming episodes build on what is presented here. If you’re wondering what’s important and what’s not, Deth and Kat will make sure to tell you!
In this episode:
* Deth plays the part of Julia
* Charles Kawalski the Great
* Rotary vs push button and Star*69
* Master Bra’tac and his awesome feud with Jack O’Neill
* Wicked advanced races that won’t talk to humans
* Kat plays with her button

Resident Maniacs: Deth, Kat, Bob
Time: 1:59:38
Editor: Deth

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