(Stargate) Episode 66 – Non-Existant Worms, More Giant Bugs, and Daniel Dies Again

It’s been 3 months since Deth and Kat last spoke. So much has changed, yet it all stays the same. Leo the Enabler continues his wedding reception hijinx. Deth continues his self-education as a handyman. He gripes about code violations, and it’s like that PFW episode about Holmes on Homes.
Both of our hosts have a lot in common. They used to murder worms in the name of science. They love jarheads and good actors. Stargate has a plethora of each. This episode also includes singing, the hosts not remembering where they stopped the last time around, and lots of shining a spotlight on those damn plot holes.
We witness the continuing evolution of Daniel the Soldier. There’s a discussion of Base 8 math and lots and lots of Sam/Jack shipping. We can’t talk about Democrats and Republicans, but we’re glad to delve into the Goa’uld and the Tok’ra. Teal’c is “A Wizard In Detroit”, and there are Dementors frolicking in the garden. Yes, Dementors. Frolicking. In the garden. Season 2 of Stargate is a lot of fun.

Resident Maniacs: Deth, Kat
Time: 4:25:54
Editor: Dethryl

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