(ASOIAF) Episode 67 – They did this really well on the TV show

Dethryl finally reread the second book of the series and took notes, so here we go. He’s been watching the Game of Thrones HBO series with Kathryn and is prone to comparing it to the book tonight. It’s really hard not to when they get so much right and the visuals are just so spot-on. No discussion of anything from season 3, as it’s not out yet at the time of this recording.
* Faraday is very talkative.
* Deth has a job interview.
* The introduction to Marv Snow. “No, no, you silly little girl.” He induces a nerd rage over Star Wars from someone who knows about fanedits and fanfilms.
* Phone time with Londo.
* Deth spoils Kat on something that happened in the previous book.
* All of the families exhibit all of the traits of all the Hogwarts houses. Lannisters are Gryffindors, but Tyrion is a Slytherpuff. Catelyn is an ADHD Hufflepuff.
* George RR Martin writes way too much rape, incest, and other creepy things. We’re tired of it, but we love the actual plot too much to stop reading.
* Deth keeps fading out. Is he playing with his button like Kat was in episode 63? That would be difficult, as he doesn’t have one.

Maniacs: Deth, Kat
Special Guest Maniac: Faraday the Cockatiel
MIA: Jen2
Time: 3:37:29
Editor: Deth

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