(The Abyss) Episode 68 – PE loves all things nuclear

Tonight we take a break from television to discuss a feature film from 1989. Warning: This is a James Cameron film. Even worse, we’re talking about the Special Edition which is extended with material not found in the theatrical or home video edition. It is, of course, impossible to discuss James Cameron without mentioning Titanic. Only one of the three hosts has seen Titanic.
On to the feature! All of the hosts are upset over the mischaracterization of Navy SEALs. It’s not a realistic portrayal of military men. The blue-collar guys are supposed to be the heroes because the plot says so, so the military guys have to be chumps. The male lead, Budd, is REAL blue-collar. He’s also blue-armed.
How many explanations are there for a real bright white light?
* A little game of Red Rover with the Russian Navy.
* Dethryl and Kathryn have to go to rehab.
* Ryan is the World’s Best Cat-Mom.
* Kathryn is delighted by our explicit rating.
* Church culture and the attitude towards children.
* Mpreg.
* No true sports fan would risk their letterman jacket in freezing salt water.

Maniacs: Dethryl, Kat, Kathryn
MIA: Bob – King of Squirrels
Time: 2:48:56
Editor: Dethryl

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