(Stargate) Episode 70 – And now for something completely different.

Tonight, the hosts are returning to the Stargate fandom. It’s been awhile since we watched, so there’s lots of checking the wiki. Deth and Kathryn are drinking tequila and may be tax evaders. Kat talks religion of her own volition.
Season 3 has lots of awesome. By and large there’s excellent progression on a lot of different arcs. We’ve got a few issues with it regarding timing and pacing, as there is one episode of this season that really needs to be watched in season 2. No one cares about Sha’re anymore. Even professional writers require beta readers. Daniel gets lots of girls, as does Jack. Jack finally kisses Sam again, but it’s not the real deal, so we are sad shippers.
Apophis comes back. Again! If Apophis = Voldemort and Hathor = Umbridge, who is playing the part of Bellatrix? The Goa’uld do not know how to friend, but at least they celebrate diversity.
* Deth and Kathryn may get chickens.
* Chicago and Boston have attitude.
* Jaffa jokes!
* Pope Francis stories.
* The arrogance of the Tollan.
* Cake or death?
* Giant aliens!

Maniacs: Dethryl, Kat, Kathryn
Special Guests: Rusty the Red, Curie the Green, Faraday the Singer
Time: 3:55:07
Editor: Deth

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