(Harry Potter) Episode 71 – Why Are You Such A Hot Mess Today?

Some time back, we had the crazy idea to analyze the Harry Potter canon as though it were fanfic. We finally went and did it. We did it with Chi. The result is a return to all the things that made PFW great. We provide completely in-depth discussion of things that are only marginally on the point. We take hours to even start on chapter 1 and hours more to get through it.
Kat is moving tomorrow. She’s not packed. She may indulge in a little bit of swearing tonight, as she has anger issues towards various characters we talk about. She raises the Hufflepuff banner proudly, defying Hagrid’s characterization of her house. The Slytherins cheer her on.
Chi is high on ibuprofen but needs to do laundry. She asks the age-old question “Do laundry or buy new underwear?” We pray for her liver. Her lack of clothes might be why she was propositioned on dating sites.
Lots of in-depth discussion of chapters 1 through 5, so in-depth that it gets way off course. We have become birthers and demand to know where Harry’s birth certificate is. Hagrid was caught breaking into the safe in the Potter house. There’s a lot on the Dursley family. It turns out Uncle Vernon was the nice one. We discover this and other startling revelations about what you thought you knew about canon.

In tonight’s episode:
* Kat is spying on Deth. Since she wants to join the NSA, this is vaguely appropriate.
* Moony urges the abolition of money.
* Chi knows lots of sensitive guys in Kansas.
* Discussions-That-Shall-Not-Be-Had
* Lily is a biker chick.
* Hagrid walks Harry down the aisle.
* Dear God: Do not click on this link until 1:38:00 in the podcast. http://i.imgur.com/EBwdVKd.jpg

Startling Revelations:
– Chi rants all the time
– Moony will talk about that later
– Kat is a Hufflepuff
– Deth has questions
– JKR can’t do maths

Hosts: Dethryl, Kat, Moony
Special Guest: Chi
Runtime: 3:16:46
Editor: Deth

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