(ASOIAF) Episode 75 – The King Is Dead. Long Live The King.

After a very long time to read the book, longer to record the episode, and somehow even longer to edit and release, Poufwa Exchange returns to cover A Storm Of Swords and season 3 episode 9 of the hit HBO series Game Of Thrones. Along the way we question if 13 years is enough spoiler space.
Deth and Kat are on their own for most of tonight. Moony and raesive weren’t available for reasons that escape me now. With just two people talking, we’re able to whip through the material in good order. Character death is discussed in much detail. There’s some squeeing involved and also some tears. Bagels, bagels everywhere – except for Tyrion. Honestly, George! What’s with the creepy people? We fill up the remaining time with much silliness. Kat is wielding Aunt Petunia’s frying pan tonight while she comments on society as a whole. She also gets emotional about Arya and Tyrion. She and Deth both smell like garlic for some reason.
Dethryl and Kathryn have chickens. You may hear them being a bit giddy. Baby chickens are just too darn cute. If you want to see pictures, find Dethryl on Facebook.

Startling Revelations:
* GRRM cannot write action.
* Remus got a real babe.

Hosts: Dethryl, Kat
Special Guests: Moony, raesive, Kathryn
Length: 2:47:16
Editor: Deth

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