Special Edition 4: There Be Dragons

As an avid reader, I’ve had the opportunity to read many stories, this one came highly recommended to me. In the tale of The Dragon Bard we find Dalen, a bard who has inherited “dragon treaties” and embarks on an adventure to write down the histories of the dragons. He meets several dragons in his travels and before long we see that there is something more going on. In this episode, Scott and I interview the author Heather Shropshire. We find she’s an accomplished artist, a teacher and a story teller. She can also speak many languages, just not ones that are helpful in our world. The sequel Darkening Moon is due out in about a month. Heather is happy to answer questions you may have, you can reach her at her Facebook page, Heather Shropshire. Heather Shropshire

Also in this episode:

~Hungry cats
~Reading Upside Down

Hosts: Sue, Scott
Special Guest: Heather
Runtime: 1’21’57
Editor: Sue

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