Special Edition 5: No One Here But Us Squirrels!

Once again, my avid reading has sent me on another adventure, this time one set in Japan. In this we follow a young girl, named Risuko, who likes to climb trees. She is taken from her home and her family to a school where she finds new friends, but not the everything is what it seems. This is the first story in a series by David Kudler. In this episode, Sue, Scott and Moony come together to share our thoughts on the story, then David joins us to share why he wrote the story and where it’s going from here. You can find out more about the story and David at Risuko.net. There you will also find several chapters and ways to contact David if you have any questions. There is also a Facebook Page.

Also in this episode:

Sue can’t speak Japanese
It’s Cold
The cook is Hagrid
Master Chef Canada
HP in tone
Weather with Moony
Lady Chi
Hero With 1000 Faces
Audio Books
Tips from David
Baths are better
The Chicks take over
Grumpy Cat

Hosts: Scott, Sue
Guest Host: Moony
Special Guest: David
Editor: Sue
Running Time: 1’26’15

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