(Babylon 5) Episode 30 – The Katherines, Captain Orange Juice, and Mary Ann


Let’s call it the very early launch of Season 2.5. Episode 30 of the Poufwa Exchange has been released!

Tonight, Poufwa launches the first of three episodes covering the second season of Babylon 5, starting with Points of Departure and the arrival of Captain John Sheridan, and concluding with the arc-heavy Coming of Shadows, winner of the 1996 Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation. I’ll refrain from mentioning it beat Apollo 13 and Deep Space Nine’s The Visitor, which on fourth viewing continues to turn my wife into a puddle of tears that can cook.

In tonight’s episode, you may just find a Seinfeld-inspired PotterFicWeekly reunion, Saul 3G, the pros and cons of security cameras, famine, pestilence, the third thing, the position of Mama PS on smut, an AU where Jesus shopped at the Salvation Army, the explosion of my brain from the last bullet point, ca-COONs, politics, and the death of PS’ will.

The Wackjobs Responsible For This Production: Ryan, PS, Dethryl, Kathryn II, Cog, LadyChi, Matt

Runtime: 2’22’06
Editor: Ryan

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