(Babylon 5) Episode 65: Space Ticks, JMS Had Too Much Time to Fill, and More Nuclear Weapons

Tonight’s podcast was the first recording in season 4 production, but due to overwhelming negative reaction to Thirdspace it was pushed back in the release schedule. You may hear references to Deth and Kathryn’s wedding being two months away. Just roll with it. These things are coming out six months after the fact anyway. Thirdspace […]

(B5) Episode 54 – Kathryn is Not a Spooner, Musical Chairs, and the Hatred For Season Five

Episode 54 of the Poufwa Exchange has been released! Merry Christmas! Tonight, Dethryl and Ryan sit down with Marcus Cole’s biggest fangirl to discuss the absolute awesomeness that is season four, in its entirety. PS hated the show and has stopped watching, but that doesn’t stop her from wanting to know how it ends. We […]

(Babylon 5) Episode 45 – Purple Kosh…Purple Kosh!

Episode 45 of the Poufwa Exchange has been released! After much delay, we return to Babylon 5 space, capping off discussion of its third season with analysis of the episodes Walkabout through the literal cliffhanger Z’ha’dum! It’s a great podcast. I even bring the wife! This episode contains discussion of that Bucket woman, the shipping […]

(Babylon 5) Episode 40 – Ryan is Sterile, Kosh Puma, and There’s Nothing Funny About Z’ha’dum

Episode 40 of the Poufwa Exchange has been released! Tonight, Poufwa continues covering Season 3 of Babylon 5, picking up from the post-revolutionary Ceremonies of Light and Dark through the arc-heavy War Without End, Part II! In this episode, PS shoots David Corwin in the nuts, disappointing his mother. Thing are very creepy, Dethryl becomes […]

(Babylon 5) Episode 36 – Herbie Saves the Day!

Episode 36 of the Poufwa Exchange has been released! With the release of this episode, the Babylon 5 universe has lost another voice. Jeff Conaway has joined Andreas Katsulas, Richard Biggs, and Tim Choate beyond the Rim, and it is only fitting that tonight’s episodes so heavily showcase the character of Zack Allen. Tonight, Poufwa […]

(Babylon 5) Episode 34 – The Narn Who Cried Octopus

Episode 34 of the Poufwa Exchange has been released! Tonight, Poufwa resumes coverage of Babylon 5’s second season, discussing Knives through the spectacular season finale, The Fall of Night! Join us for an encore of PS vs Season 2, a moment of Silence with Dr. Slytherin, and a call to arms for AU fanfic writers. […]

(Babylon 5) Episode 32 – There’s an Episode Coming Up…

Episode 32 of the Poufwa Exchange has been released! Tonight, Poufwa’s coverage of Babylon 5’s second season resumes, with discussion of episodes GROPOS through and including In the Shadow of Z’ha’dum! Interstellar war threatens the promise of Babylon 5 and anything not bolted down begins its trek towards the fan. These episodes deepen the arcs […]

(Babylon 5) Episode 30 – The Katherines, Captain Orange Juice, and Mary Ann

Let’s call it the very early launch of Season 2.5. Episode 30 of the Poufwa Exchange has been released! Tonight, Poufwa launches the first of three episodes covering the second season of Babylon 5, starting with Points of Departure and the arrival of Captain John Sheridan, and concluding with the arc-heavy Coming of Shadows, winner […]

(Babylon 5) Episode 28 – Fasten Zip!

Episode 28 of the Poufwa Exchange has been released! Kicking off 2011, the Poufwanians gather tonight to break down the final half of Babylon 5’s first season, covering TKO through Chrysalis, or Chrysaylis – whatever it’s called! This episode contains one assassination attempt, an over-under of 482 snorts, a visit to North Korea, several ghostly […]

(Babylon 5) Episode 26 – Jeff and Mike are Nice and the Missing Pants of Jason Ironheart

Episode 26 of the Poufwa Exchange has been released! Forgive the lateness of this episode. ¬†We couldn’t find what I lovingly refer to as “the damn release button.” For the next several weeks, the Poufwa Exchange will alternate between discussion and analysis of J. MIchael Straczynski’s, Babylon 5, and George RR Martin’s A Game of […]

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