(Castle) Episode 69 – Kat does not have a sordid sex life

After a very long delay, the hosts are discussing the second season of Castle, starring the incorrigible Nathan Fillion. Be forewarned: Kat gets fairly bombed during these two recordings. ‘How bombed?’, you ask. By her own proclamation, she wants to have babies with her Pinot Noir. Enough that we got her to discuss sex, politics, […]

(Castle) Episode 55 – Fake boobs, sexual tension, and all the little touches

Episode 55 of the Poufwa Exchange has been released! Tonight join us as we follow Nathan Fillion from the free skies of Firefly to the streets of New York and discover the world of Castle. Meet Rick the playboy author, savvy and sexy Detective Kate Beckett, Alexis the responsible daughter, Martha the Life Coach, and […]

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