(Firefly) Episode 50 – Scarlett Stole Our Compass

Episode 50 of the Poufwa Exchange has been released! Tonight, Dethryl is again in the driver’s seat with PS as the navigator. PFW hosts Scott and Kat are backseat driving. Bob is alone in the trunk, Rosie having managed to escape- er, get away- er, Rosie can’t make it tonight. We have a thorough discussion […]

(Firefly) Episode 47 – So these eight Browncoats walk in to an Alliance-friendly bar on Unification Day…

Episode 47 of the Poufwa Exchange, our third season premiere, has been released! Please share in my shock that Episode 47 has nothing to do with Star Trek! Welcome to the new and improved Poufwa Exchange. Tonight we kick off season three by finally discussing Firefly, something we’ve promised to do since season one. We […]

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