(Stargate) Episode 70 – And now for something completely different.

Tonight, the hosts are returning to the Stargate fandom. It’s been awhile since we watched, so there’s lots of checking the wiki. Deth and Kathryn are drinking tequila and may be tax evaders. Kat talks religion of her own volition. Season 3 has lots of awesome. By and large there’s excellent progression on a lot […]

(Stargate) Episode 66 – Non-Existant Worms, More Giant Bugs, and Daniel Dies Again

It’s been 3 months since Deth and Kat last spoke. So much has changed, yet it all stays the same. Leo the Enabler continues his wedding reception hijinx. Deth continues his self-education as a handyman. He gripes about code violations, and it’s like that PFW episode about Holmes on Homes. Both of our hosts have […]

(Stargate) Episode 64: Planting Seeds, Bottle Shows, and Evil Cliffhangers

It’s three days before Dethryl and Kathryn’s wedding. He needed to podcast just for a distraction. Lucky for him, Poufwa is good at distractions. Kat is busy making travel plans. Bob is getting ready to ship out and join the National Guard. Here’s one last huzzah before EVERYTHING changes. Stargate! New viewers sometimes complain that […]

(Stargate) Episode 62 – Hammond of Texas, Jarheads, and Singing

Episode 62 of Poufwa Exchange launches Season 4! We’re back! We’re under new management! For the first season, Poufwa Exchange was a collection of one-offs. It was a lot of fun, but there was no schedule, per se. Ryan, Deth, and PS split off from PotterFicWeekly at the end of season 3 to revive Poufwa […]

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