(ASOIAF) Episode 67 – They did this really well on the TV show

Dethryl finally reread the second book of the series and took notes, so here we go. He’s been watching the Game of Thrones HBO series with Kathryn and is prone to comparing it to the book tonight. It’s really hard not to when they get so much right and the visuals are just so spot-on. No discussion of anything from season 3, as it’s not out yet at the time of this recording.
* Faraday is very talkative.
* Deth has a job interview.
* The introduction to Marv Snow. “No, no, you silly little girl.” He induces a nerd rage over Star Wars from someone who knows about fanedits and fanfilms.
* Phone time with Londo.
* Deth spoils Kat on something that happened in the previous book.
* All of the families exhibit all of the traits of all the Hogwarts houses. Lannisters are Gryffindors, but Tyrion is a Slytherpuff. Catelyn is an ADHD Hufflepuff.
* George RR Martin writes way too much rape, incest, and other creepy things. We’re tired of it, but we love the actual plot too much to stop reading.
* Deth keeps fading out. Is he playing with his button like Kat was in episode 63? That would be difficult, as he doesn’t have one.

Maniacs: Deth, Kat
Special Guest Maniac: Faraday the Cockatiel
MIA: Jen2
Time: 3:37:29
Editor: Deth

(Stargate) Episode 66 – Non-Existant Worms, More Giant Bugs, and Daniel Dies Again

It’s been 3 months since Deth and Kat last spoke. So much has changed, yet it all stays the same. Leo the Enabler continues his wedding reception hijinx. Deth continues his self-education as a handyman. He gripes about code violations, and it’s like that PFW episode about Holmes on Homes.
Both of our hosts have a lot in common. They used to murder worms in the name of science. They love jarheads and good actors. Stargate has a plethora of each. This episode also includes singing, the hosts not remembering where they stopped the last time around, and lots of shining a spotlight on those damn plot holes.
We witness the continuing evolution of Daniel the Soldier. There’s a discussion of Base 8 math and lots and lots of Sam/Jack shipping. We can’t talk about Democrats and Republicans, but we’re glad to delve into the Goa’uld and the Tok’ra. Teal’c is “A Wizard In Detroit”, and there are Dementors frolicking in the garden. Yes, Dementors. Frolicking. In the garden. Season 2 of Stargate is a lot of fun.

Resident Maniacs: Deth, Kat
Time: 4:25:54
Editor: Dethryl

(Babylon 5) Episode 65: Space Ticks, JMS Had Too Much Time to Fill, and More Nuclear Weapons

Tonight’s podcast was the first recording in season 4 production, but due to overwhelming negative reaction to Thirdspace it was pushed back in the release schedule. You may hear references to Deth and Kathryn’s wedding being two months away. Just roll with it. These things are coming out six months after the fact anyway.
Thirdspace is bad. There’s no getting around it. It’s bad Babylon 5 and it’s mediocre sci-fi. We try to find some positive things to say, but it’s slim pickings. We’re going to keep chugging in the B5 verse, so stay tuned for season 5 and the rest of the movies. Just not for awhile. The hosts and their livers need time to recover.
Where does this movie happen in the series chronology? None of these characters are on the station at the same time during season 4. Why is Delenn acting like a girly-girl? Everyone seems to just be going through the motions in this one. The hosts stopped taking notes and were playing Facebook games, checking email, and writing fic with the movie on in the background. It really is that disinteresting. We can’t recommend that you actually watch it.
Why you should listen to the episode anyway:
* Phallic microphones
* Ryan has gout.
* Kat is cursed.
* Ryan meets Mr. Faraday
* Kat and Deth have squick about Snape/Hermione
* Roach-gate
* Thai food

Maniacs: Deth, Kat, Kathryn, Ryan
Time: 1:33:40
Editor: Deth

(Stargate) Episode 64: Planting Seeds, Bottle Shows, and Evil Cliffhangers

It’s three days before Dethryl and Kathryn’s wedding. He needed to podcast just for a distraction. Lucky for him, Poufwa is good at distractions. Kat is busy making travel plans. Bob is getting ready to ship out and join the National Guard. Here’s one last huzzah before EVERYTHING changes.
Stargate! New viewers sometimes complain that the first season is very episodic. Deth and Kat call you spoiled and whiny. You can’t just jump into big plot arcs without getting to know the characters and the world they live in. Otherwise why would we care? Season 1 is all about planting the seeds of further plot development. They will begin to sprout in season 2 as upcoming episodes build on what is presented here. If you’re wondering what’s important and what’s not, Deth and Kat will make sure to tell you!
In this episode:
* Deth plays the part of Julia
* Charles Kawalski the Great
* Rotary vs push button and Star*69
* Master Bra’tac and his awesome feud with Jack O’Neill
* Wicked advanced races that won’t talk to humans
* Kat plays with her button

Resident Maniacs: Deth, Kat, Bob
Time: 1:59:38
Editor: Deth

(Starship Troopers) Episode 63 – Nudity, Those Damn Kids, and Giant Bugs

Tonight’s podcast was conceived on about 36 hours notice. Welcome to the long lost age of models and props as we dissect this cheesy 80’s movie from 1997. It’s not an action movie, or a war movie, or even a sci-fi movie. This is a character movie with some of those elements thrown in for flavor. Brace yourself as we discuss politics, citizenship, service, fascism, propaganda, AT&T, war, honor, sacrifice, leadership, and many other deep things. There’s lots of laughs in this one, folks.
Dethryl and Kathryn are getting married soon. Two weeks and counting. He’s ready to kill the reception venue. We’re not sure how one can kill a venue, but we’ll look into it. Kat is making travel arrangements to attend the wedding. Toward the end, the recording got slightly out of sync, and Deth appears like he’s a couple of seconds in the future. He’s not twitchy enough that he’s breaking the sound barrier, it’s just a software issue. He gets real twitchy next episode, but we switched recording programs, so hopefully there won’t be any issues.
Remember that horrible football call last season? We’re still discussing it. Kat educates us on literature. Kathryn has some very epic one-liners. There are cancer-free nuclear weapons, public service announcements, and more in this fun and exciting episode.

Resident Maniacs: Deth, Kat, Kathryn
Time: 2:34:18
Editor: Deth

(Stargate) Episode 62 – Hammond of Texas, Jarheads, and Singing

Episode 62 of Poufwa Exchange launches Season 4!

We’re back! We’re under new management! For the first season, Poufwa Exchange was a collection of one-offs. It was a lot of fun, but there was no schedule, per se. Ryan, Deth, and PS split off from PotterFicWeekly at the end of season 3 to revive Poufwa Exchange for a second season that dove into the depths of Babylon 5 and A Game Of Thrones. Toward the end we saw the return of Jen Classic as she joined Ryan to discuss Doctor Who and Torchwood. Season 3 was more decentralized (read: chaotic!) and small groups covered lots of diverse things. We finally covered Firefly, which we had promised to do for years. Now Ryan and Jen have gotten in a car together, gone to abduct Sue from PFW and Bob from Spellcast, and can be heard over on Point of View Weekly, leaving Dethryl to keep the lights on here. He promptly got the best technical help possible, and we welcome Kat to the podcast as a full-time host. Everyone clear on that?

Dethryl and Kathryn are engaged. The wedding is three weeks away — at least at the time of this recording. We’re not very timely with these things, as you may be aware… They did actually go through with it, and Kat was even a guest.

In this episode we’re covering a very old sci-fi movie and the pilot for the spin-off of the TV series that went on to become the longest continuous running in the genre. Deth and Kat have a mutual passion and are exchanging with Kathryn. Bob and Evan from the forum join us, and Scott drops in from PFW.

The Maniacs Responsible for this Production: Deth, Kat, Kathryn, Bob, Evan, and Scott.
Runtime: 2’26’06

Editor: Deth

(Downton Abbey) Episode 61 – Lord Brantham, Whooshing Sea, and Kezza Returns


Episode 61 of Poufwa Exchange is unexpectedly released!

Instead of opening with “Look what I found on the old hard drive!” we will once again label this a “vintage” recording.

On the plus side, Kezza is back!

This episode was recorded shortly before Season 2 of Downton Abbey premiered in the United States and provides discussion of the first season. Danielle and I had just powered through Season 1 in preparation for the premiere and this recording and didn’t have all or many (or any) of the characters’ names down.

Enjoy our predictions and hopes for future seasons of Downton Abbey, and see which ones came true! Since this is a Poufwa recording, we also spend twenty minutes trying to figure out how time zones work, I video-conference with my cats, and Kezza records a dual commentaries of both Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and the Australian health care system and how it relates to sofas.

The Maniacs Responsible for this Production Ryan, Kezza, Danielle
Runtime: 1’45’53

Editor: Ryan

(Doctor Who) Special Edition 3 – Bye, Bye Ponds


Special Edition 3 of Poufwa Exchange is unexpectedly released!

Needing to talk after tonight’s midseason finale of Doctor Who, The Angels Take Manhattan, the wife and I convened an impromptu live podcast (four minutes notice!) and share our initial thoughts. Please enjoy!

The Maniacs Responsible for this Production Ryan, Danielle
Runtime: 22’42

Editor: Live to Air

(Gilmore Girls) Episode 60 – Live from the New Hampshire Primary, It’s Cooking with Dick!


Episode 60 of the Poufwa Exchange has been released!

You never know what you’ll find in the Poufwa editing bay. Some of our recordings are propped on the floor lathered in beer and mold. We usually pull Kezza out of retirement to save them. But every once in a great while, we have a discussion that clicks so perfectly we barely have to touch it.

No setup. This is one of those episodes.

We really pack it in this week. The wife joins Jen Classic and me, and we welcome Richard back to the Poufwa Exchange to discuss the hell out of Gilmore Girls, from favorite moments to characters to how much we cannot stand Christopher Hayden. It’s a great discussion for anyone who loves this wonderful series. If you’ve never tried it, something is wrong with you. Run, don’t walk.

This recording is quasi-vintage and was recorded during the New Hampshire primary. I’m pretty sure it was the 2012 one. We get rather heated on the electoral college for the first 12 minutes, before introducing a new podcast segment – Cooking with Dick! Danielle and Richard geek out on kitchen appliances for 20 minutes before we dive into Gilmore Girls.

No bullet points. Be surprised, and enjoy!

The Maniacs Responsible for this Production Ryan, Jen Classic, Richard, Danielle
Runtime: 2’25’09

Editor: Ryan

(West Wing) Episode 59 – Front Row, on the Right, and Answer A


Episode 59 of the Poufwa Exchange has been released!

Tonight, broadcasting live from Neptune with my output volume on “1”, I am joined in true Poufwa fashion with the microphones of Julia and LadyChi to say goodbye to The West Wing’s Kathryn Joosten. It has been brought to our attention that she also stole the show on Desperate Housewives. We’ve never seen the show and you probably won’t hear any Poufwa episodes on it this century, but we hope their audience was able to enjoy her a tenth as much as we enjoyed the immortal Mrs. Landingham.

Please enjoy this commentary of one of the best episodes of television, ever: the season two finale of the West Wing, Two Cathedrals. Latin dictionaries will be made available.

Stay tuned for Episode 60. It will be out soon, and beyond a deep analysis of the electoral college, we’ll be visiting a small town in Connecticut and drinking a boatload of coffee.

The Maniacs Responsible for this Production Ryan, LadyChi, Julia
Runtime: 58’54

Editor: Ryan

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