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Current Hosts:

Dethryl, Chief Editing Officer

Slytherin’s most passionate defender has been given a microphone! Fortunately we’re not discussing Harry Potter. Well, not too much anyway. Okay, we’re trying here. He’s recently married. You may hear Mrs. Dethryl here and there in the episodes. Seldom gets through a podcast without mentioning his fic, They Shook Hands, at least once. Always digging for the root cause, it’s often simply, “Because the plot says so.”

Kat, Chief Technical Officer

Hufflepuff’s resident no-nonsense bad-ass is passionate about her sci-fi. Fortunately we discuss a lot of it, so she has a lot to say. She has kids, but not like that. Her childhood was LOTR and Stargate. Living proof that girls can be proud geeks and nerds.


Hosts on Vacation:


Ryan is an power-hungry, authoritative control freak who looks great in hats.  Kidding on both counts.  In reality, he’s a calm-natured Hufflepuff who occasionally gets very upset and needs to take long walks on the beach, usually running into Richard.  He lives with a girl, enjoys basket weaving, and finds it difficult to walk more than five feet without making reference to Babylon 5.


A podcasting rockstar, Jen enjoys fan art of Draco Malfoy wearing leather, Mr. Darthy, every TV show currently available on DVD aside from the ones Ryan buys her, and frequently disguises herself in public by wearing a large scarf across her face.  Her favorite color is red.


A renowned hater of the boring, Richard takes the cake when it comes to loving the weird. Eclectic and eccentric, his taste in things vary more than the weather and are even less predictable. He loves the evil and morally ambiguous, he loves the dark side of life, claiming them to be much more entertaining. This coupled with a zany sense of humor and his unique ability to engage even strangers in conversation, make him a very interesting personality. Also loves walks on the beach, and dropping things from tall buildings.


Infamously named Poufwa’s “Most Involved Male Cheerleader,” Dave feeds off sarcasm and wit. Aside from dedicating his life to the forum, he loves to play, watch, and analyze sports.  It’s a bad sight when he goes more than an hour without thinking either mathematically or logically.

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