(Harry Potter) Episode 74 – Happiness Is A Wet Bird

PE is proud to present the fourth episode on the first and shortest book of the Harry Potter series. We only have three chapters on the docket tonight. Only three. Ponder that fact for a moment. Now question how long it will take. Oh, you will be amazed. Deth’s scheduling leaves much to be desired. […]

(Harry Potter) Episode 73 – HP is Full of Bad Messages for Kids

Poufwa Exchange returns with another year old recording! We continue our coverage of the Harry Potter canon, sometimes known as That Fic Written By JK Rowling. Tonight we covered chapters 10 through 14, and discussed parts of every other book in the series. Character discussion! All Ron all the time. The famous Prewett temper. Minor […]

(Harry Potter) Episode 72 – Ron Weasley, Man Of Many Spoons

We continue our aggressively in-depth discussion of the Harry Potter canon. Last time we only made it through five chapters. Tonight we only do four, and we can’t blame it all on Chi this time. God, help us; we’ve decided to cover the entire canon. Kat is celebrating her first podcast in her new apartment. […]

(Harry Potter) Episode 71 – Why Are You Such A Hot Mess Today?

Some time back, we had the crazy idea to analyze the Harry Potter canon as though it were fanfic. We finally went and did it. We did it with Chi. The result is a return to all the things that made PFW great. We provide completely in-depth discussion of things that are only marginally on […]

Special Edition 2 – Happy Birthday Poufwa; Here’s The Longest Recording We’ve Ever Done

Special Edition 2 of the Poufwa Exchange has been released! This episode is being simulcast on the PotterFicWeekly feed. Tonight, PFW and PE collide to discuss what makes bad fanfiction. This is not to single out anyone’s OTP and call it bad, but rather to discuss what makes bad!fic of that pairing. We actually stay […]

(Twilight) Episode 15 – Twilight, Poufwa Style

Episode 15 of Poufwa Exchange has been released! Join scratchy Jen, Ketchup-confused Kezza, is-this-thing-on-Melindaleo, Poufwa’s Head Girl Lexy, Baby Lee and body glitter for a live commentary of Twilight! We’re Poufwanians. Crash and burn is both implied and promised! Happy listening! You’ll need it!

(Twilight / Harry Potter) Episode 14 – The Little Podcast That Took Three Months to Release

Episode 14, the first in a new batch of Poufwa Exchange episodes, has been released! Rinna and Kezza sit down with special guests Cleolinda and Gowdie to discuss wank.  This discussion took place in June.  We’d like to think that the three-month delay in releasing it was because our discussion was so awesome that it […]

(Twilight / Harry Potter/ Religion & Politics) Episode 7 – It’s Like X-Rated NPR!

Episode 7 of the Poufwa Exchange has been released! In this episode, Rinna and Chi sit down with Cleolinda Jones, author of Movies in Fifteen Minutes and blogger extraordinaire.  While they were supposed to be discussing fandom, Twilight, and writing, in true PFW form, they were all over the map. Be careful – snark is flammable.  Listen at your […]

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