(Downton Abbey) Episode 61 – Lord Brantham, Whooshing Sea, and Kezza Returns


Episode 61 of Poufwa Exchange is unexpectedly released!

Instead of opening with “Look what I found on the old hard drive!” we will once again label this a “vintage” recording.

On the plus side, Kezza is back!

This episode was recorded shortly before Season 2 of Downton Abbey premiered in the United States and provides discussion of the first season. Danielle and I had just powered through Season 1 in preparation for the premiere and this recording and didn’t have all or many (or any) of the characters’ names down.

Enjoy our predictions and hopes for future seasons of Downton Abbey, and see which ones came true! Since this is a Poufwa recording, we also spend twenty minutes trying to figure out how time zones work, I video-conference with my cats, and Kezza records a dual commentaries of both Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and the Australian health care system and how it relates to sofas.

The Maniacs Responsible for this Production Ryan, Kezza, Danielle
Runtime: 1’45’53

Editor: Ryan

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