(Harry Potter) Episode 73 – HP is Full of Bad Messages for Kids

Poufwa Exchange returns with another year old recording! We continue our coverage of the Harry Potter canon, sometimes known as That Fic Written By JK Rowling. Tonight we covered chapters 10 through 14, and discussed parts of every other book in the series.
Character discussion! All Ron all the time. The famous Prewett temper. Minor characters discussed include Hermione the little liar and Draco the klepto-magpie. Hagrid drinks too much, but he has a giant hair dryer. The professors are all drunk too, and the characters are all idiots.
Kat is impersonating Tricia tonight. She’s hot but does not like vomit. She says “No” a lot and approves of stealing from baby dragons. Moony doesn’t know where she’s going but is eager to find things.
Question and Answer session! Do the words of a spell matter? Logistics and logic. JKR didn’t think that deeply about things.

Startling Revelations:
* rae has been abducted by the Daleks and is communicating from outer space.
* Moony will find that if you give her a minute. Hang on.
* Scarlett needs to eat.
* Kat is writing a fic.
* Deth has ideas.

Hosts: Dethryl, Kat, Moony, raesive, Scarlett
Time: 3:23:48
Editor: Deth

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