(Babylon 5) Episode 25 – I don’t mean to spoil, but…


Episode 25 of the Poufwa Exchange has been released!

Season Two of the Poufwa Exchange kicks off with an INCREDIBLY on-topic discussion of the pilot movie for one of the greatest television shows ever made, Babylon 5’s The Gathering.  A five-year novel set in the year 2257, Babylon 5 is the last of the Babylon stations. Its purpose is to prevent another interstellar war, the last being the Earth-Minbari War of 2248. Humans and aliens live together, and ambassadors from all of the major races meet to work out disputes peacefully. Contact has finally been made with the mysterious Vorlon Empire, but the newly arrived representative is the target of a sophisticated assassination attempt.

Hilarity ensues.

The sheer depth of planning and awesomeness that went in to this series is discussed in exhaustive detail as I rediscover my love of monologuing.

Dethryl and I do our best to avoid spoiling and fail miserably, but thanks to Deth’s editing, you’ll never know!  Seems redundant to even mention it, really…

* Scott forgets what series we’re talking about.  The man’s in charge of PotterFicWeekly for one week and he’s already mastered the job.

* J. Michael Strazynski is a genius.

* Dethryl and I are amazed at all the foreshadowing. The lesson: Pay attention to everything!

* Nobody likes Lieutenant Commander Takashima.

* B5 is not Star Trek. Especially not DS9.

* PS ships Jeff/Mike.

* Dethryl fills PS with bliss as he debuts his Centauri accent.

* Aaron explains physics.

Be warned.  With about eight minutes to go on the podcast, Dethryl and I sound the spoiler alarms and talk about this movie from the perspective of the entire series.  If running to stop the ipod will cause you to strike a gas station, please plan ahead.

Unlike PotterFicWeekly, the Poufwa Exchange is the dream podcast for those with unimpressive attention spans.  Over the next few weeks will be reviewing all five seasons of Babylon 5 AND the first novel of George RR Martin’s addictive A Song Of Ice And Fire series, A Game of Thrones. I’ve had the hardest time coming up with a one or two line description of A Game of Thrones to provide our listeners, so here’s our communal effort.

Sword and Sorcery, hold the Sorcery.  Lord of the Rings, but not really.  Very shiny.
Trust me.  It prompted me to buy a kindle.

Next Time on Poufwa Exchange:

Episodes 1-13 of B5, Season 1:  Midnight on the Firing Line – Signs and Portents

The Wackjobs Responsible For This Production:

Ryan, Dethryl (Obsessive Wackjobs), Aaron, PS, Scott (Dabbling Wackjobs)

Special Guest And Mascot Since The Goat DIed: Aaron’s keyboard
Runtime: 2’06″09
Editor: Dethryl

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