(Babylon 5) Episode 26 – Jeff and Mike are Nice and the Missing Pants of Jason Ironheart


Episode 26 of the Poufwa Exchange has been released!

Forgive the lateness of this episode.  We couldn’t find what I lovingly refer to as “the damn release button.”

For the next several weeks, the Poufwa Exchange will alternate between discussion and analysis of J. MIchael Straczynski’s, Babylon 5, and George RR Martin’s A Game of Thrones. Babylon 5 is up tonight, with a double-length episode covering the first thirteen episodes, from Midnight on the Firing Line through to the key episode of Signs and Portents, for which the season is named.

In tonight’s episode:

* I have a fever of 102.6, have an hour-long phone discussion with Apple technical support which to this day I don’t remember, had a heated conversation with Mrs. Huggles who as it turns out was not in the room but twenty-three miles away, and despite our little production’s colorful and vicodin-fueld history, was too incapacitated to participate for at least ninety minutes.

* We welcome Kathryn as a new host of the Poufwa Exchange!  Her first assignment is to spend the bulk of this episode duct-taped in the corner.

* PS may once have been a murder suspect, but promises she is not a sexual predator.  Relief fills the audience.

* Aaron breaks in our new Explicit barrier!

* Jen Classic prank calls my mother.

* PS does not have the technology.

* S does not stand for “Special.”

* Dethryl discovers the joys of monologuing.

* PS looks within herself. Conclusion: She’s a slashy slasher.

* Humans will eventually evolve telepathy and need something like the Psi-Corps to protect human freedom.

* Libertarians will win planet-wide office…in a couple hundred years.

* Lt. Commander Ivanova is much, much cooler than Lt. Commander Takashima.

* Everyone likes Londo. Everyone likes G’Kar. Everyone likes Londo and G’Kar in the same scenes.

* PS is not drunk.

* PS and Aaron are not Centauri.

* We figure out where the light from ten years ago went.

* Lucky 13

Next Time on Poufwa Exchange:

Roughly the first 100 pages of A Game of Thrones

The Maniacs Responsible For This Production: (Really Out there) Slytherin Actual, Lt. David Corwin, (Sort of Out There) Poufwa Actual, Mr. Aaron, Ensign Kathryn

Special Guest And Mascot Since The Goat Died: Aaron’s keyboard, to be named at a later time.
Runtime: 3’54’59
Editor: PS, Dethryl and Ryan

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