(Babylon 5) Episode 65: Space Ticks, JMS Had Too Much Time to Fill, and More Nuclear Weapons

Tonight’s podcast was the first recording in season 4 production, but due to overwhelming negative reaction to Thirdspace it was pushed back in the release schedule. You may hear references to Deth and Kathryn’s wedding being two months away. Just roll with it. These things are coming out six months after the fact anyway.
Thirdspace is bad. There’s no getting around it. It’s bad Babylon 5 and it’s mediocre sci-fi. We try to find some positive things to say, but it’s slim pickings. We’re going to keep chugging in the B5 verse, so stay tuned for season 5 and the rest of the movies. Just not for awhile. The hosts and their livers need time to recover.
Where does this movie happen in the series chronology? None of these characters are on the station at the same time during season 4. Why is Delenn acting like a girly-girl? Everyone seems to just be going through the motions in this one. The hosts stopped taking notes and were playing Facebook games, checking email, and writing fic with the movie on in the background. It really is that disinteresting. We can’t recommend that you actually watch it.
Why you should listen to the episode anyway:
* Phallic microphones
* Ryan has gout.
* Kat is cursed.
* Ryan meets Mr. Faraday
* Kat and Deth have squick about Snape/Hermione
* Roach-gate
* Thai food

Maniacs: Deth, Kat, Kathryn, Ryan
Time: 1:33:40
Editor: Deth

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